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Unleashing the Power of Blockchain for Your Entity
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Specialist Blockchain Consultancy Services

Learn how Pravica's expert consultancy services can empower you to effectively apply blockchain technology.

Blockchain Consultancy

Comprehensive Blockchain Solutions
We provide expert consultancy in blockchain technology. Our services include helping you understand the blockchain technology, its potential benefits, and how you can integrate it into your business operations.

Data Privacy Consultancy

Ensuring Your Data Privacy
In this digital age, data privacy is crucial. We provide consultancy services to help you understand and implement data privacy measures effectively. Our services include data privacy risk assessment, policy development and implementation, and training.


The Economics of Cryptocurrencies
Understanding the economic systems surrounding cryptocurrencies is crucial in today's digital age. Our Tokenomics consultancy provides insights into the intricate mechanisms that govern the value of cryptocurrencies and how they can be manipulated for growth and stability.

CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)

The Future of National Currencies
Central Bank Digital Currencies are the next step in the evolution of money. As digital versions of a country's fiat currency, they promise to bring about greater efficiency, security, and accessibility in financial transactions. Our CBDC consultancy services provide comprehensive guidance on the implementation and management of CBDC.

Other services

Discover the cutting-edge product suite from Pravica: Klubz, a tool centered around community communication; Walletify, your gateway to stablecoin/CBDC payments; and S3, your operations hub for stablecoin/CBDC

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We strive to spread awareness about Blockchain‘s potential benefits and uses across various sectors, from universities and businesses to government entities and the general public.