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Embrace digital transformation with Pravica's blockchain products S3, Walletify, and Klubz.
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Delve into Pravica's suite: Klubz for community engagement, Walletify for easy payments, and S3 for stablecoin and CBDC operations.


Community-based Communication Tool
Klubz is the new face of Pravica Club, a revolutionary community-based communication tool. With a strong emphasis on high-scale security and data privacy, Klubz ensures your conversations remain private.


Your Gateway to Stablecoin Payments
Beginning its journey as a crypto wallet, Walletify is now set to become the easiest and most affordable solution for payment processing, leveraging the Stablecoin technology infrastructure.

S3: Stablecoin Studio on Sui

Your Stablecoin Operations Hub
S3, or Stablecoin Studio on Sui, is the first stablecoin dashboard of its kind. It enables users to create and manage stablecoins, providing a wealth of stats and analytical data to ensure a secure and efficient environment for tokenizing any service.

Other services

Our communication and payment infrastructures are designed to guarantee confidentiality, speed, and reliability, ensuring seamless and secure transactions for all our users.

Discover how Pravica's consultancy can help you utilize blockchain technology. We provide guidance on blockchain, data privacy, Tokenomics, and CBDC, offering customized advice.

We strive to spread awareness about Blockchain‘s potential benefits and uses across various sectors, from universities and businesses to government entities and the general public.